We’ve been busy for the last three years.

Working on videos, creating stories and meeting terrific people everywhere we go. We travel all over Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and almost anywhere there’s an opportunity to shoot video. We’ve traveled to New York City, Cleveland and Columbus for corporate events and interviews. We’ve been to Massachusetts for sporting events and we always like to produce videos for our local businesses right here in Connecticut.

One of our favorite resources is the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce.

The group is diverse in industries and people and our business with them has been the same. This year we were asked again to produce a video honoring some of our members. This year was a Spotlight on Success Video. Of course we were thrilled to be asked again and started lining up the interviews. We had almost two full days of production and were editing for almost three more, and we are delighted with the results. The video was debuted at the Chamber’s annual awards dinner where it was received quite well.

We have many new beginnings in 2017 and we are looking forward to the next three years and beyond to bring video to people and business everywhere.

Sample Video