Ah audio.

The forgotten child of video. In my book audio is just as important, if not more important in some instances, than video in a video production.

First the obvious.

We want clear audio of whoever is speaking. Great video will be diminished if the audio is inferior. The echo, off mic or noisy background will take away from what the director is trying to get across to the viewer.

Then there’s b roll

The other aspect of audio is to recored sound during your b roll recordings. You never know what sound you may capture that will enhance your production and help draw the viewer into the scene and create a more captivating story. Working with machinery, kids playing outside, frying bacon on the stove. All of these things have unique ear appeal and should be captured and maybe used in the final video.

Don’t forget the music

The last piece of audio is the music that is selected for the final piece. In a marketing video music is a very important part of the recipe. After the story is pieced together in the edit, the music is dropped in and sets the emotion or the personality of the video. And what’s great about that is the personality or mood can be changed multiple times during the course of the video by changing the music to fit how the viewer is supposed to react to a certain scene. My favorite part of the edit is laying in the music and manipulating the video to work with it.

Have fun!