Sometimes we forget how lucky we are.

I remind myself, even when some days are not going as planned, that I am a very lucky person.  I am a husband to a beautiful wife, the father of three smart and caring children and recently a grandfather to a spitfire of a little girl.  Life is great.

People celebrate life in a variety of ways and it seems that life is most celebrated after a tragedy.  People come together to support each other.  Events are started and continue on as tradition.  Fundraisers bring awareness to a cause, they bring support to those that need it and fundraisers educate people so they understand the importance of why they are giving.  Most importantly we remember our human spirit, the spirit of loved ones lost and our persistence to make the world a better place.

Its never too late to give.  Its never too late to be grateful.

And its never too late to celebrate life with the ones you love.

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