Shooting a Music Video

When Frank said he wanted to shoot a music video with cell phones, I was hesitant, but figured what the heck.

I’ve been working with Frank Viele for a few years producing live music videos and marketing videos for the West Haven musician. A few months ago he announced an anniversary party for his latest CD and wanted me to document the show. “Of course.” I said. I worked on my part and waited to receive the audience cell phone footage. I was less than optimistic when I first took a look. Then I looked again.

Each day we are faced with new challenges.

A big part of my job is seeing the vision of my client and converting that vision to a video that works. Not all ideas will work as first realized, but each thought can teach me something new creatively. Being open to breaking boundaries expands the capabilities of my business and what I can offer my clients.

Video is in all of our lives. My job is to create video content best is suited for your needs and wants.

Sample Video