I didn’t know where this was going to take me

I didn’t know where this industry was going to take me when I accepted my first production job in the fall of 1990. The film was called Undertow and starred Peter Dobson and Burtt Harris. I had never been on a film set nor was I familiar with production, but a well respected cinematographer, the father of a close friend, recommended me. I took the train to New York City for the interview and was hired.

The film was to be shot on location in and around Fairfield County, CT and my position was in Craft Service. This is the department that provides drinks and snacks to the crew throughout the day. A caterer was hired for lunch. I was given a van fully stocked with utensils, Tupperware, bowls, plates, coffee percolators, etc. I was also given $200 per day to purchase food and drinks.

The first week or so of shooting was to take place in Sherwood Island State Park in Westport. On the first day of shooting I was the first to arrive. Since it was fall the beach was closed. This presented a problem for me seeing as I needed water and electricity to make the coffee and it was probably about 6am and not a soul around. Some time later a park ranger found me and was able to get me water and power, but not before the crew arrived. Needless to say the producer was not happy and informed me over the radio that if this happens again I’m done.

Over the next 4 to 5 weeks I never let the crew down, the coffee was always hot and there were plenty of peanut M&Ms. I enjoyed that job. I don’t know why. The job was exciting. I was serving food but was part of something bigger. I was part of a group of people working together to create something new for other people to enjoy. It was a great job.

I have since moved on to more exciting and creative jobs and I am now building a business. Who knew?

So when you go to the beach in the fall, make sure you brew the coffee at home and bring it with you in a large thermos.