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Now its possible to capture and save cherished stories that can only best be told by the person who lived them?

Having access to a family history recorded in high definition video is a great way to keep your family legacy alive. Document life’s accomplishments: raising a family, starting a new business or scoring the winning touchdown for your high school football team. For younger generations who will never have an opportunity to meet their grandparents for the family and friends living far away who have trouble staying connected and as a beginning to a tradition, Legacy will keep your family history alive.

During an initial consultation we will discuss the details of your video shoot. Where you would like the production to take place? (your home, office, social club). Who will be interviewed? And the general procedures that will go on during the day of the production. You will supply us with family photos and newspaper clippings that we will be able to scan on the day of the interview. No need to worry about giving us the photos.

We record all the interviews in HD video. The interview should take no more than a few hours and breaks during the day are always welcome.

In the end you will receive a beautiful video documentary of your family complete with photos, clippings and music. You can choose to receive the video on disk, or download the video from our secure website.



"Family is not an important thing. It's everything.” Michael J. Fox




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