60 Second Marketing Video Production Harford CT


A one price, flat rate video package.  
We focus on bringing quality, affordable video production to small and medium sized businesses.


We begin with an hour long consultation to discuss why your business needs a video, what will be in the video and how we will capture everything to make the video.

A four hour shoot day is scheduled.  This is when we go to work and capture your business in action.

We record up to three interviews. Usually the business owner and two clients or customers.

The magic is capturing all the B-roll or supporting video.  This is how we show your business in action.

More magic happens when we combine the interviews and all that video footage to create your 60 second video. The final video will tell the story about your business and why you do, what you do.

We use Royalty Free Music licensed for the internet.

We incorporate graphics for name identification and contact information.

We use your company logo to keep your branding consistent.

Finally, your video file is titled and key worded for SEO




    "Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.” Paul J. Meyer




    A List Of What We Wo Best:

    Web Marketing Videos
    Corporate Communications
    Corporate Events
    Employing Training Videos
    Television Commercials
    Fundraising Videos
    Family History Documentaries

    Sports Highlight Videos
    Live Music Videos
    Multi-camera production
    New Product Videos
    Videography Services
    Editing Services
    Video Consulting


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    Thank you for thinking of DirectLine Media. We hope you liked what you saw and believe that together we
    can get your project accomplished and be your direct line to success!